Exotic Pets

Exotic Pets

SINA Veterinary Clinic treats and cares for various exotic species. Our veterinarians will be accepting exotic appointments throughout the week. If your pet is in need of immediate attention, please call us to check availability. We strive for the best care possible for these amazing creatures that enrich our lives. we can help you enrich theirs by helping you understand their needs. After all, they are part of our family our friends and our companions.


We treat and care for various exotic species including:


All types of birds







Non-venomous snakes



Some of the services we provide include:


Annual health or wellness exams

Diagnosis and management of medical and behavioral problems

Emergency services

Dental services

Spaying/neutering/soft tissue surgery

Digital radiographs


Some of the medical and behavioral issues we treat and manage with exotic pets include:


Respiratory issues

Reproductive issues

Soft tissue injuries

Dental problems including abscesses

Gastrointestinal disorders

Some cancerous diseases

Urinary issues

Husbandry issues

Nutritional issues

Eye problems


Please call us at 72484945 to discuss the needs of your Exotic Pets.