Cat & Dog Boarding

Cat & Dog Boarding in SINA Vterinary Clinic, with 24/7 Supervision

At SINA Veterinary Clinic, we know how hard it can be to leave your pet behind when you travel. You want to know that they’re safe, well-cared for, and receiving plenty of love and attention.

we offers 5 star overnight pet boarding and day care facilities for all dogs and cats in Muscat. Our pet boarding premises consists of an indoor area and an outdoor grass space where your pets can enjoy the fresh air during the cooler months. We will always take the best care of your most precious companions while you are away on work, holiday or travel.

Our pet boarding facility and veterinary clinic are housed in the same complex which means that our medically trained staff is on site 24/7 to assure that your pet is always cared for.

Our support staff are highly trained and have a deep understanding of cat and dog behaviors. Your pet will enjoy daily walks, playtime, and will be closely monitored. If anything seems out of the ordinary our veterinary team will be right there to assist. Our medial monitoring capabilities make us different.

Requirements for Cat & Dog Boarding SINA Vterinary Clinic:

In order to keep all our guests healthy during their stay with us, we have some health requirements for every boarding guest:

  • We strongly recommend all vaccines are up to date at least a week prior to boarding to ensure full protection for pets.
  • All pets must also be free of external parasites (such as fleas). Animals with parasites will be treated at the owner’s expense.
  • Required vaccinations for cats: Rabies, Tricat.
  • Required vaccinations for dogs: Rabies, DHPPI.NOTE: While we can provide guests a bland, gentle diet, we recommend bringing your pet’s own food with you for their stay. Being in a new environment can cause some stomach upset, but having their food from home can help alleviate this.We fill up fast during the summer and holidays. Book your pet’s stay early to guarantee them a spot!


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